zondag 22 april 2012


Vandaag ging de kogel door de kerk. Ik heb mij opgegeven voor de Euro Tour 2013. Met een schuin oog meegekeken naar de ROAM tour kan ik deze kans niet laten liggen. Wordt vervolgd.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm also looking forward to it! The daily training we do thanks to the commute will be very useful for the "challenge".
    Have a good time in Scotland. Greetings, Clement from Huizen

  2. thanks guys, Celment maybe we can do some excercise in the near future to make kilometers for the challenge

    gtrz peter

  3. For sure we can! We live nearby and there are lots of nice rides to do around. On the 16th of May, I am going to do a Tour of the Netherlands with some other velonauts. Maybe you can join.

  4. The 16th of May I had to work. The week before I have a short vacation. Maybe when the weather is good I cycle around the IJsselmeer.